What Is A Good Birthday Gift For A Neighbor?

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By Bruno Crnik

In the 21st century, we have seen a change in culture. People are moving from joint families to nuclear (or smaller) families. Different priorities of each one of us have brought us apart.

Where traditional etiquettes and good mannerism incline people towards taking care of their closed ones, we need to look after our neighbors as well. Neighbors are the ones who are there when we are in need, even at midnight.

In research carried out in the USA, it was noted that around 57% of people knew about their neighbors.(1)

So, it calls for more attention keeping the safety aspect in mind as well.

Why actually should we be concerned about the gift that we give to our neighbor on his/her birthday?

This is because the gift that we present to our neighbor signifies the attachment or the magnitude of affection we have for the neighbor.


Worth of giving an expensive gift

Some people believe in giving expensive gifts to their closed ones, like neighbors, on occasions like their birthday.

This is done to show a level of prestige in society.

Valuing gifts, based on the money associated with it, is sometimes considered right by people. This is usually to show off the financial capabilities of a family in society.

However, this tactic may not work, as money is not what people count on.

Sometimes, less expensive gifts given by others can make our neighbors happier.

People say money is everything, and that money can easily buy everything but there is more to life than just capital!


What does the neighbor like?

There is a common theory followed that gives something to someone according to the receiver’s desire.

Before we go to our neighbor’s birthday party, the safest thing we can gift is according to what the neighbor likes.

Let us say that our neighbor desires to have more t-shirts in his/her wardrobe, then it best to gift him/her with a well-designed t-shirt.

If someone is a lover of watches, then according to our purse, we may buy a nice watch for the neighbor’s birthday.

Again, there may be some materialistic commodities that our neighbor may adore.

So, we may have to choose the best fit according to what we can afford.

Let us say, our neighbor likes to have many top-branded pens along with some apparel and any electronic item.

This gives options to buy any of these items as a gift for our neighbor’s birthday. This is considered as the safest bet to please our neighbor.


What special can be given to the neighbor?

After considering the above-mentioned gifts, a query may arise in our minds.

Like every other year, usually, people give presumable gifts to neighbors. Now, what if we give something special to our neighbor on a birthday.

Sudden happiness on the face of our neighbor due to a surprise gift will be the best return gift for us. If someone has never had some people performing for him/her, then that might be a great present for our neighbor.

A band performing for such a neighbor will do a world of wonder for the neighbor!

If someone is an ardent follower of a celebrity, then if we make it possible for our neighbor to meet that celebrity on his/her birthday.

It will be a pleasant surprise gift. There may be a high possibility that our neighbor will be surprised, and at the same time impressed, by a beautiful painting that we may give him/her as a birthday gift.

So there is nothing fixed, nothing big or small, which defines what a special gift could be or should be for our neighbor on his birthday. It needs to be ensured that such a special gift comes in good taste for the neighbor.


What not to gift our neighbor on birthday

We need to be quite cautious as well while presenting a gift to our neighbor on his/her birthday.

Relations may adversely be affected between the neighbor and us because of the situation.

Nobody wants his/her birthday (which is a special annual occasion for that person) to go bad because of an ill-suited gift.

We need to keep in mind the sentiments our neighbor may associate the gift with.

There may be a past incident or misfortune associated with some items that the neighbor may relate to.

So, if we know of any such item that the neighbor has a bad memory associated with, then we must avoid taking that gift to our neighbor’s birthday party.

Let us assume that our neighbor believes that things made out of glass are a symbol of misfortune, because of his/her past experience, then we must not gift him/her with anything made of glass.


In Conclusion

A neighbor who has been there in the same locality for quite some time is believed to be a good friend and maybe treated as a family member.

This is because such a neighbor gets to know about our whereabouts over the years.

It must be kept in mind that we are in good books of such a neighbor as he/she may help us in tough times.

We must make sure that our neighbor is happy at all times. Whatever we gift to our neighbor each year, it becomes important that we choose the gift wisely.

Also, when we give the gift to our neighbor, we must give it with a jolly smile on our face.

These are the things that bring a sense of freshness and happiness in the mind of our neighbor. We may also promise our neighbor on his/her birthday that we will be there with him/her in all times of happiness and sorrow.

Our neighbor may cherish such a true promise and support from our side. This is because everyone needs people living closed by to help them in difficult times.

It is rightly said that ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’.

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