Is Perfume A Good Birthday Gift?

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By Bruno Crnik

In this time when everyone is in a hustle to get through their priorities, it becomes important that we gift something unique and something special to our closed ones on their birthday.

Birthday is a special occasion for everyone since it comes once a year- be it the elders in our family, our partner, our younger ones, and everyone in the world.

To make this occasion a great one, we think a lot before deciding what to give as a birthday gift to our dear ones. 

Perfume or aftershave is a safe alternative as it is welcomed and well appreciated as a gift by all.

Perfumes come in different flavors and a lot of brands bring a range of their unique flavors of perfume.

Certain brands claim that they provide perfumes made up of natural components, which may be liked by the birthday boy/girl.

So why is it that perfume comes to the rescue of those who are unable to think of any other birthday gift.


Perfume as an Emotional Attachment

It is believed that certain fragrance of perfume brings in the emotional attachment of the user with the fragrance.

Due to this, the user of perfume remembers the giver due to the fragrance.

In that way, it creates a positive image in the mind of the receiver. This gives a reason to present perfume to our dear ones on their birthday.

Perfume may end up being fortunate for someone.

Suppose we gift a certain fragrance of perfume to someone, he may go to an interview after putting the perfume and get the job.

Due to this, that person will cherish the moment when we gifted them the perfume on his/her birthday.

Thereafter, that person would consider that perfume as lucky and would put that perfume on special days.


Perfume: A birthday gift for all

In our hectic schedule, it becomes quite difficult to choose a birthday gift for people close to us.

Presenting perfume as a birthday gift solves this problem.

Perfume can be given as a birthday present to everyone – no matter old or young, man or woman, senior or junior.

So, it becomes easy to plan birthday gifts for the next few people by buying different good variants of perfume.

Let us say that we have ten close ones whom we give birthday gifts, then buying ten perfumes of different flavors of the same or different brands will be doing the deal.


Customized perfumes

Some companies also offer to provide customized perfumes.

If we know a desired taste or fragrance of the person to be gifted, then we can get the perfume made accordingly.  If someone loves the blend of two fragrances, then we can give a wonderful birthday present to that person.


Try Perfumes before you buy

We may know the preferences of fragrances of our parents, partner, siblings, and close friends among others.

This would enable us to choose among a number of available brands.

There may be certain fragrances or brands that people close to us may not like.

By trying out perfumes on hands in order to check the different fragrances, we can easily choose the best fragrance among the given lot to gift our dear ones as birthday presents.

Let us say that our close friend likes variant of jasmine fragrance, then by applying several fragrances of different brands can make us choose the best variant of jasmine fragrance.


Perfumes build Long-term Relations

Perfumes are usually given as birthday presents to our loved ones.

This can result in developing long-term relations with the person to whom we are presenting the gift. A person may ask us the same or similar variant of perfume the next time.

Also, that person may give us a different perfume on our birthday.

This may lead to an exchange of some nice variants of perfume.


Range of different prices and online availability

If we are price conscious while buying a birthday present, then perfume as a gift comes to our rescue.

This is because there are thousands of top-class brands of different variants of fragrances available.

And all these are available at different ranges of price.

This makes for a better deal for us since presenting perfume as a birthday gift and that too, at relatively less price offers too much.

These days, with expansion in digitization, it becomes easier to purchase top quality perfume by ordering perfume online.

This also provides discounts as buying items online has special offers.

So, we must look for online deals and choose the best variant of perfume as a birthday gift for our dear ones.


When is it not right to gift a perfume?

In some cultures like that of Europe, perfume is usually considered as a personal gift.

That is, it must be given to family members and other close relatives.

It is believed that perfume should not be presented as a birthday gift to someone unknown or someone who is not a close one, like a colleague.

Also, if someone is allergic to perfumes or just hate artificial perfumes, he/she must not be gifted with perfume.

Such things need to be kept in mind while presenting perfume as a birthday gift.


In Conclusion

Talking about whether perfume ends up being a good birthday present, well, it is indeed a safe option as it brings along with it some benefits.

It brings a sense of newness and freshness for a person; it is used by people to freshen up their clothes or even applied in a room to bring fresh odor in the room.

Perfume can be given as a birthday gift to anyone; it can create an emotional attachment for some people; it can bring fortunes for others.

Perfumes come in many variants and different price ranges.

We can try a perfume before we purchase it. It is available online and creates a long-term relationship with the person whom we are gifting.


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