22nd Birthday Gift Ideas for Her and Him

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By Bruno Crnik

What makes a good birthday gift for someone turning 22 years?

This is the question most people ask themselves when the birthdays of their friends and relatives approach.

Most people get stuck on what they would want the recipient to have or what they would want if it were their birthday, instead of considering the item that would mean a lot to that person.

The greatest mistake somebody can ever make is to buy something that would please them instead of the intended recipient. Therefore, before you begin brainstorming on the gifts, ideas take some time and think about the person receiving the gift.

This way, you will get a gift that would have a great impact in his/her life.

The key objective of this piece is to set the right frame of mind for people so they can celebrate their loved ones’ on their 22nd birthdays in the best way possible. The article will also share some tips for giving thoughtful gifts.

If you love and care about someone enough to get them a birthday gift, it is important to consider their tastes and preferences. Just like people in all other age groups, 22-year-olds have different tastes and personalities.

Nevertheless, they have one thing in common: they are starting out in life. Use their 22nd birthday to get them something that would mean a lot to their lives.

There is a common myth that valuable and big gifts express appreciation more than the small and less valuable gifts. It is not the gift that expresses appreciation, but the one giving the gift.


Request for a wish list

If you have no idea on what would please that person, it is acceptable to ask for a wish list.

However, this mostly applies to people you do not interact with most of the times such as distant friends and relatives. If this will make them contented with their gifts, there is no harm.

For people you know well and interact with them often, the best thing is to pay attention to the things they love rather than requesting a wish list.


Birthday gifts for her

Buying the 22nd birthday present for a lady is an easy task.

All you need to keep in mind before brainstorming for the gift ideas is their tastes and preferences. Unless you closely interact with the recipient, you should avoid buying clothing items. However, accessories make good gifts.

Purses and handbags are always a smash hit. The other thing that you might consider is the season for her birthday month. For instance, it if it is in winter, you can consider items that preserve warmth such as scarves and gloves.

Pay some attention to the movie shows, television shows, and the video games the lady is interested. A piece of memorabilia or collector’s item from a favorite such as Doctor Who or Harry Potter can be a thoughtful choice.

The hobbies of that person can also give you some birthday gift ideas.

Ladies who love makeup would be thrilled by a makeup kit, a set of makeup brushes, or a sampler from one of her favorite companies such as Urban Decay or MAC Cosmetics. Athletic ladies would enjoy a gadget for workouts or exercises. Those who love crafts would be pleased to receive crafting supplies.

The bottom line is, if you do not know the lady well, go for neutral gifts that please most people such as scented candles, an assortment of lotions or soaps, or other samplers and gift baskets.


Birthday gifts for him

Buying the 22nd birthday present for a man calls for certain considerations. Just like the ladies, guys too have varying tastes and preferences.

Unless you study them well, you will end up getting a gift that does not appeal to them, and you do not want that to happen.

Gauge the interests of the recipient. Is he a video game fanatic, sports aficionado, or a music enthusiast? Is he a business person who would like something to use in his office?

Or would he prefer a boy toy for using around the house? The list is endless, but you need to be creative to choose the best present.

First and foremost, consider the type of gift that you would like to give that person. Do you want to buy them something that is fun or something that is practical? In addition, you could buy something that is fun and practical as well.

Video games can be a great gift to people men who enjoy gaming and do it as a hobby. However, it could be difficult to choose the specific game that would delight the recipient, especially if you have no idea in the games that he already owns or those he is interested in.

If you are not sure of the video game to get him, you can opt to get him a prepaid gaming card such as the Xbox Live or Steam.

A fashion-oriented man would enjoy receiving accessories pieces such as pocket squares, high-quality ties, or cufflinks. Toiletry sets and high-end colognes can also be a great choice.

You can also consider buying a shaving kit for men who travel often or those who love the art of shaving.

Recommend gift ideas

Cellay Fitness Tracker Watch

Most people turning 22 years old do exercises regularly, and thus they would be thrilled by a gift that would help them meet their fitness goals.

Even those who are not fitness fanatics would be thrilled by a present that promotes healthy living.

Cellay Fitness Tracker watch is equipped with an activity tracker that records daily activities such as distance, steps, activity duration, and calories consumption. It is an adjustable universal piece that can be worn by men, women, and kids.

The device is connected to the computer to sync the current time on the tracker. Afterwards, the tracker will display the current time on the screen.

One of the greatest advantages of the Cellay Fitness Tracker is that you do not need your phone to be connected. It will automatically recognize the various activities and display them on the screen without application.


  • Unlike other devices that need Bluetooth connectivity, you do need your phone to be connected
  • It has a standard USB port. Thus, can be charged with a power bank or a computer.
  • The device is sweat proof and water resistant. This means you can continue with your workout even after sweating vigorously.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Very sensitive sensors. The device can capture even the slightest movements accurately and record the number of steps.


  • The band does not have a backlight.
  • It lacks automatic sync. You have to sync it manually.
  • Lacks a silent alarm.

The element of surprise



Fujifilm FinePix XP90 Waterproof Camera

This waterproof digital camera can be an amazing birthday gift for people who love photography and swimming.

The camera has great features such as a floating wrist strap that favor underwater photography.


  • It is shock-proof, thus a perfect choice for clumsy shooters.
  • It takes high-quality pictures.
  • It is waterproof and can be used in both fresh and salt water.


  • It has a small record button which is quite difficult to locate without looking when filming underwater.
  • Pictures taken indoors are of low quality.
  • The shutter speed is slow.

The element of surprise



101 Secrets For Your Twenties

Every person in their twenties needs a secret black book to guide them as this is a critical age. The twenties are filled with post-college transition, anticipation, break-ups, disappointments, terrible jobs, loneliness, and confusion.

Paul Angone had all this in mind when he wrote a comprehensive guide to help people in their twenties make good choices in their defining decade.

101 Secrets For Your Twenties will inspire, encourage, and kick-start a life forward with its honest, witty, and humorous wisdom-stuffed pearls to assist you to enjoy your twenties.

This book is a great 22nd birthday gift for a college graduate.


  • It will help equip the reader with knowledge to deal with the quarter-life crisis.
  • The book addresses issues faces by people in their twenties.
  • It is a perfect blend of humor and wisdom.


  • The recipient might not have time to read the book.

The element of surprise



Microsoft Xbox One

Xbox One is a gaming system and a media player.

One can use this device to watch HD movies, sports, TV shows. Xbox LIVE makes TV more amazing as you have a variety of entertainment to choose from.

With the gadget, you can listen to music CD’s, watch DVD and Blue-ray discs, fire up YouTube or Netflix. Microsoft partnered with NFL, Fox Now, and the CW to offer exclusive offers.

Xbox One comes with 8GB of system memory and additional 500GB hard drive.


  • It has Kinect Voice Search (powered by Bing) which enables you to use your voice as the remote control.
  • It has more than 250 video games, and most of them are not available on other consoles.
  • Microsoft awards two games to clients with Gold membership.
  • thumbs-o-up
    It has an octa-core processor clocked at 1.75 GHz. This translates to an impressive processing power that gives near-realistic graphics.


  • The user interface is not very user friendly.
  • thumbs-o-down
    It lacks many exclusive titles.
  • thumbs-o-down
    It has many lackluster games.

The element of surprise



MAC Professional All-in-one Makeup Kit

The makeup kit contains nearly all the makeup you need in your clutch-bag.

The makeup includes 20 shades of eye shadow, 4 shades of lip-gloss, 4 shades of eyebrow powder, a black eye pencil and many more products. 


  • It is a professional quality make-up that goes for an affordable price.


  • You need makeup skills to use this product.

The element of surprise



To sum things up

This guide will ease the process of finding a perfect gift for your friends and relatives turning 22 years.

Get your loved ones a gift they will not forget for the rest of the decade.

22nd Birthday Gift Ideas

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