Traditional 80th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men and Women

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By Bruno Crnik

When a person turns eighty, it is a very important time for them and their families and I know it is very important to get them just the right gift.

When thinking about what gift to give them, choose something that not only celebrates their age but celebrates their accomplishments as well.

There are many things to think about when deciding what the best gift for them will be.

Depending on what they like, there are many gift options. You can give them a sentimental gift that reminds them of a good memory of their past and a gift that has to do with their hobbies.

You can also give them a gift that represents their hobbies or interests or a gift of your time or helping do things around their home that they have trouble doing.

1) Sentimental Gifts

The majority of people that are eighty years old treasure their important memories than things that can be bought with money.

They would love a gift that will help them hold onto these memories always.

Presents that you can give them if they are sentimental in nature is a scrapbook filled with pictures of special times in their lives that are organized in chronological order.

You could also give them a picture book of photos that they treasure or frame a picture of them in their younger days.

Another sentimental gift idea is to hire a professional to take a picture of them with their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

2) Time And Attention

A lot of eighty-year-old people feel alone and want their family and friends to spend time with them.

If you clear your schedule and spend time with them on their birthday, they will love it.

Along with the gift of your time, you can also bring them old family albums, videos, or a book that they want to read to make the day even more special.

On this special day, you can do some of their favorite things like make their favorite breakfast, read to them, look at picture albums together, or eat together in a park that is nearby.

You can also go to a museum or stay home and listen to them tell stories from their past while the two of you drink tea together.

Since older people get tired easily, be sure to make allowances for when they need to rest or sleep.

Prior to you leaving them for the day, give them a calendar where you have filled in the dates of when you are going to visit them throughout the year so they will know when they can look forward to seeing you.

3) Gifts of Comfort

Before their birthday arrives, spend time with the birthday person and see what they are in need of.

They may need books in large print or a magnifying glass to make it easier for them to see.

Other things that they may love are massagers to put in their chairs or a nurse to care for them.

Some other great gift ideas for them are heated blankets, skid-proof slippers, or a warm cardigan sweater.

4) Give Them Something You Made

Another great gift idea for an eighty-year-old on their birthday is a homemade gift from the heart that they can display with pride in their home.

Some ideas for homemade gifts include a painting you painted for them of their favorite vacation spot or a picture of the two of you.together.

Other ideas for a handmade gift are a plaque to honor their new age, a box of homemade scented candles, or paint small pots and put aromatic herbs in them.

5) Family Tree Items

Since families are always growing, a family tree gift will be appreciated and loved.

Some ideas for a family tree gift include a framed family tree or a picture frame in the form of a large tree with photos of all of the family in it.

Another idea for a family tree gift is a quilt with the names and pictures of all of the family members on it.

6) Retro Gifts

Take the time to learn what things the person you are giving a gift to liked in their past like candies, games, and shows that they watched on television.

These items may not be available for purchase in stores or on television anymore.

The candy could be in a nostalgia package and the television shows are for sale in some stores on DVD.

7) Presents for People’s Pastime

If the person you are giving a gift to has a hobby or pastime, think about giving them a gift that goes along with it.

For gardeners, gardening sets or brand new gardening gloves will make a good gift.

For the coin collectors, see if there is a certain need that is needed to help complete their collection and look for the coin.

If woodworking is their craft, then get them a new tool or wood crafting set.

8) Give Them a Gift to Aid Them in Being Active

A lot of older people in this day and age love being active.

Some of them like to bowl, play golf, and ride bikes.

If the person you are giving the gift to likes these activities, you can give them bowling or golfing gloves or a light for their bike.

9) Essential Gifts

Due to the fact that older people have trouble getting old, they will appreciate gifts of everyday items.

You can give them a basket with batteries, a magnifying glass, trash bags, light bulbs, and other much-needed household items in it. If they like to write letters, you can give them stamps, stationery, pens, and a large-print address book.

10) Other Gift Ideas

If you want to spoil the birthday person, you can give them items like body spray, scented lotions, or a CD of music that they love.

For the religious person, you can give them religious jewelry, a book of devotionals, or teachings by their favorite minister. If they have mobility issues, you can give them an electric scooter, a walker, or a cane.

A bathtub chair is another great gift idea.

Men’s Gifts

Nostalgic Retro Candy Box

This gift is just right for the person that is hard to buy gifts for.

It is also a great gift because everybody likes candy. It has forty different types of retro candy in it that include Dots, licorice pipes, and candy cigarettes.

People that received this gift love the package it comes in and that it came with a trivia card as well.

They have had nothing bad to say about it.

The element of surprise



Happy 80th Birthday Card With Retro Music CD

This birthday card has colorful pictures of famous people on the front of it and interesting facts on the inside.

It comes with a compact disc with fifteen top songs from the 1940’s to the 1970’s on it.

The songs on this CD are sung by the artist that originally sang the song. There is a lot of room in it to write birthday messages to the recipient.

People that got this as a gift loved it and could not wait to play the compact disc. However, after listening to the compact disc some people have said that the music on it is of poor quality.

The element of surprise



1937 Back in The Day Almanac

This twenty-four-page greeting card/gift is full of special memories from a special past.

The gift recipient can remember and relive the music, movies, and special times of their past.

It also comes with a trivia game that can be a fun addition to a birthday party or the recipient can play the game by themselves.

The special memories that this gift has in it include a recipe, famous births, news headlines, the price of items, and interesting facts.

People who received this as a gift loved all the information in it and loved reflecting on their past.

The only problem that people had with it is that the print is so small that older people with vision problems cannot read the print.

The element of surprise



Gifts For Women

Birthday Journal and Memory Book For Women

This one-of-a-kind keepsake book is a great gift.

With this gift, the gift recipient can make a personal time capsule with this autograph book for birthday parties.

Their birthday guests can write messages from the heart in this book for the birthday girl.

All of the pages can be used for one party or can be saved for future birthday parties.

People that got this as a gift thought it was very cute, that it made a party fun, and they had nothing bad to say about it.

The element of surprise



Engraved Wine Glass

This taster wine glass is perfectly engraved. It says “Aged 80 Years to Perfection” on it.

The Fine Edge manufacturing ensures that the rim is chip resistant. It is ideal for people that drink red or white wine.

This glass is elegant, sophisticated, beautiful, and stylish is dishwasher safe and can be used as a decoration and to drink out of as well.

People that got this gift love that it can be personalized, that it came quickly and undamaged, and that is heavier than other glasses.

Some people said the base is uneven and the design looks cheap.

The element of surprise



Crystal Birthday Tiara

This environmentally friendly crown is made out of eco-friendly alloy metal, crystals, and rhinestones. It is also nickel-free and anti-allergenic.

It is a free size which means it will fit most women.

The clear diamante crystals on a smooth silver tone make this tiara both stylish, sophisticated, and graceful in appearance and the comb pins on each side will keep it in place.

Gift recipients have said this tiara came in a nice package, is high-quality, and it is very comfortable as well.

Some people that got it did not like that it breaks easily or it was broken when they got it, they got it with numbers missing, or that gemstones were missing when they got it.

The element of surprise



In conclusion, an eightieth birthday gift is very important to someone that is celebrating their special day.

They have lived a long time, have worked hard, and love their family and friends a lot.

Finding a gift for them that is worthy of all that they have done will not be easy, but this information that I have provided you with will help you get through this tough task as well as the time-honored and traditional gift ideas that I have shared with you.

Traditional 80th Birthday Gift

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