SpongeBob Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Party Ideas

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By Bruno Crnik

Nobody likes to party harder than the residents of Bikini Bottom.

This is why a SpongeBob themed birthday party is the perfect way to celebrate a child turning a year older.

Now that the theme is all picked out, let the party planning begin.

Start a child’s SpongeBob celebration off right with these fun decorating, games, invitation, and food ideas.


SpongeBob Party Invitations, Games and Activities

Parents can purchase SpongeBob invitations to announce their child’s upcoming party.

They can also take the thrifty route and print free party announcements off the Internet.

Free invites are easily found by doing a simple online search.

A birthday party isn’t complete without games and activities to keep young guests entertained.

To keep the SpongeBob theme alive, add a twist to classic birthday party games.

For example;

  • kids can play musical squares instead of musical chairs
  • pin the shorts on SpongeBob instead of pinning the tail on the donkey
  • and SpongeBob Says instead of Simon Says.

Kids can also paint with sponges.

To do this activity, set up an area with yellow sponges and several colors of non-toxic paint. Minimize cleanup by spreading a vinyl tablecloth or some newspaper over the painting surface.

Provide each child with an old shirt to wear while they paint so they don’t get their clothes messy. Some other activities kids can do include:

  • sponge toss with wet sponges
  • bubble painting


Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Set the mood for a SpongeBob birthday party by turning the celebration area into Bikini Bottom.

Hang blue streamers from the ceiling to represent the water, and cover the walls with large cardboard cutouts of crabs, seahorses, starfish, and other things that live in the sea.

And since SpongeBob lives in a pineapple under the sea, use whole pineapples as table centerpieces.


Food and Dessert Ideas

Every child’s birthday party needs a variety of yummy food to satisfy little tummies.

To keep the food in line with the SpongeBob theme, parents can:

  • Serve Patrick Starfish-shaped sandwiches.
  • Set up a crabby patty station complete with pickles, condiments, tomatoes, cheese and onions. Salmon or hamburger patties can be used to represent the crabby patties.

The cake is always the main attraction at any birthday party.

Parents can go the traditional route and buy a SpongeBob cake from a bakery or they can bake a simple square cake with yellow icing and add related detail.

Party hosts can also wow youngsters with these yummy treats:

  • square cookies or rice crispy treats with yellow icing
  • cupcakes with yellow icing
  • star-shaped cookies with lavender icing
  • blue Jell-O
  • pineapple upside-down cake
  • ice-cream sundaes

In Conclusion

It’s no doubt SpongeBob and his friends love a good party.

With the right announcements, food, games, and decorations, a youngster can celebrate his birthday just like the animated characters of Bikini Bottom.


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