Personalized Birthday Invitations

Hand-written, designed or other original birthday invitation letters are a great way to personalize your party invites.

You can use photographs of your birthday boy (or girl), designs that you find online and other favorite graphic design elements as you create your invitation in Photoshop or other image-design software programs.

However, while you may have an easy time with the images, the words can be more difficult.

A few basic templates demonstrate that it doesn’t have to be a chore to come up with invitations for your next birthday party.


Classic Invitation Letters

Don’t over-think your birthday party invitations: no matter what, you want to make sure that your invitation letters have everything your guests need to know.

If the images on the invitation are loud or busy, it can be a nice balance to have simpler, classic wording.

Please join us for

Kathleen’s 15th Birthday

On June 28, 2020

At 3 p.m.

Coffee Shop

1000 Lake Drive

New York, NY

RSVP 555-8210

To make your invitation more of a letter than a classic statement, add a personalized note.

Dear Meg and Andy,” handwritten at the top, for example, can be a nice personalized touch, as can a note expressing your hopes that they can join you.

Don’t forget to sign the invitation!


Rhyming Invitation Letters

Rhyming your invitations can be a catchy way to keep your invitation in your guests’ minds, while delighting them with your creativity.

The most important thing is to make sure that the words you use actually do rhyme and don’t just sound similar; in the same vein, make sure that you still include the needed information for guests to find the party.

Say it Ain’t So! Jenna is turning 2-0!

Join us to celebrate!

March 1, 2020

At 7 p.m.

2000 Bird Lane

Madison, Wisconsin

RSVP 555-0315

By putting these rhymes on high-quality stationery and adding a handwritten note to each guest, you’ll make this invitation into personalized letter with a cute rhyme, rather than a boring traditional invitation.


Seasonal Invitations

Seasonal invitations associate your loved one’s birthday with the upcoming change in seasons.

These can work in a variety of ways – don’t be afraid to be creative.

Enforce the theme with your choice of stationery: a leaf border for fall or spring works well, and snowflakes can be beautiful for winter invitations.

This autumn, come celebrate the falling leaves as Steve celebrates his 50th birthday.

October 15, 2020

At 8 p.m.

1102 Ravine Road

Dallas, Texas

RSVP 555-1031

This spring, come party with Steve as the flowers bloom – he’s turning 50!

April 15, 2020

At 8 p.m.

1102 Ravine Road

Dallas, Texas

RSVP 555-1031

This winter, come warm up with Steve as he turns 50!

January 15, 2020

At 8 p.m.

1102 Ravine Road

Dallas, Texas

RSVP 555-1031


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