How to Organize a Children’s Birthday Party

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By Bruno Crnik

Throwing a party for your child’s birthday can seem like a daunting task.

Hosting a crowd of small people comes with unique challenges, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Here are a few tips to help you choose a children’s birthday party venue, food, games and party favors.


Choose a Birthday Party Venue

Where to hold a kids’ birthday party will depend on several factors.

  • How many children will be invited?
  • Are their parents coming too?
  • What activities do you want to happen at the party?
  • How much money is in the birthday party budget?
  • How big is your home, and do you want to host the party there?

For small, more informal parties, hosting at the birthday boy or girl’s home is inexpensive and provides a unique opportunity to make special memories in the place where the child lives.

Bigger parties or parties with an activity theme may require a larger space to host lots of children but will require a fee per child attending.


Planning Kids’ Birthday Party Games and Activities

Birthday games and activities can be a fun way of directing children’s play and preventing excessive chaos.

Planning for a mix of free play and structured play is the best bet.

Classic birthday party games and activities include:

  • pin the tail on the donkey
  • duck duck goose
  • freeze tag
  • marshmallow races

Themed Birthday Party Ideas

A birthday party theme, such as mermaids, pirates, animals, princesses, or lego can make planning easier.

An overall theme can help determine what activities and food you provide, and many party supply shops sell themed decorations as well.

This is one benefit of birthday parties held at an activity-based venue, such as an indoor adventure playground or art studio.

The theme comes along with the venue and doesn’t require any extra planning.

Planning activities and games for themed parties held at home can be a little trickier, but lots of ideas can be found at Party Game Ideas, with different sections for games suitable for different age groups.


Party Food for Birthday Celebrations

The best food for a child’s birthday party is simple, mostly healthy and tasty.

A mid-afternoon or mid-morning party may not need a full meal, but a party held over lunch or dinner will require a more substantial offering of food.

Pizza is a classic and easily provided choice, although other options include a pot-luck meal for larger gatherings that include extended family, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, or prepared sandwiches.

Of course, there must be a birthday cake as well. Cakes that match the party’s theme are often a great hit.


In Conclusion

Whether the birthday party is a small affair held in the backyard or a bash held at the local laser tag hall, remember to relax and enjoy the party!

Organizing a birthday party involves a lot of planning in advance, including choosing a venue, planning games and activities, and preparing the food, but once the party is all happening it’s time to relax and have some fun!


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