8 Birthday Party Locations Ideas

Party Ideas

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By Bruno Crnik

Trying to figure out where to have the birthday party is usually the big step, once this decision has been made the rest of the party planning falls into place.

Here are some ideas of where to have a party this year.


#1 Birthday Party Outdoors

Have the party in the backyard if the weather is good and don’t forget the piñata.

Have the kids play games from Red Rover to Freeze Tag and then have a picnic for easy clean up in the backyard.

Another option is to meet at a local park for the party.

Many cities have water parks that are up and running in the summer, so make it a swimsuit party and remember to bring sunscreen.


#2 Poolside Party

Have a pool party if one’s home or apartment complex has a swimming pool.

Most community pools also offer pool party packages where parents can rent out a room for the cake and presents and then later all the kids can go swimming.

Another water option is to have a skating party at the local skating rink.


#3 Recreation Centers Offer Party Packages

Check out the local rec centers in town as they usually let people rent space to throw a party.

They even have it set up where rec center staff will help lead the kids in games in the gym where there will also be a gym and sports equipment and even a bouncy castle for children to enjoy.


#4 Have a Birthday at a Farm

Nowadays many farms also offer birthday party packages.

Game farms and tourist farms can offer kids a playground, petting zoo and a lot of space to run around in.

There are also specialty farms where kids can learn on their trip from how milk comes from cows to everyone learning about apple trees.

For example, visit a honeybee farm where kids can learn about where honey comes from, enjoy flavored honey, and then get to make a wax candle.


#5 Kids’ Party Places

There are fun zone places that are created just for kids to run around and have fun.

They offer everything from a run around gym area with slides and ladders to arcade games and electronic rides.

These kid-friendly places can be busy with the noise and motion of many children, but the activity does keep them busy (and tire them out!).


6# Celebrate at a Restaurant

Many fast-food restaurants with kids’ play areas offer birthday parties (think McDonald’s).

Some local kid-friendly restaurants may as well, and there are a few restaurants that will even let kids do a little baking and eat their products ranging from pizza at an Italian restaurant to making cupcakes a local bakery.


7# Sports-themed Party at the Gym

Many sports from karate to gymnastics will have birthday packages where a group of kids can come in and get to learn some karate moves or get to try out state-of-the-art gymnastics equipment with someone with training in that sport.


8# Movie Theatre for Birthdays

Parents can take kids to the movie theater to see a film either a regular one or a 3-D movie.

They can do so on their own or pay for a special movie party package with the theatre.

The packages usually include pop, popcorn, the movie of course and an area or room for having cake and presents.


In Conclusion

There are many great birthday party locations from one’s backyard to a movie theatre or even on a farm.

Pick from one of these many ideas for this year’s birthday party for the kids.


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